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February Business Lunch Report 02-12-2014

By:  Treaver Hodson, Sacramento Chapter Board

Our guest speaker at the BYU Management Society February Business Luncheon held in Sacramento, California was Jim Cook, President of Calva Products.  He spoke on “Leadership Lessons in Business and Life”

Jim Cook is the founder and president of Calva Products. Calva is a manufacture of milk based supplements for infant animals and has annual sales approaching $100,000,000.  They have three manufacturing plants, all located in the western United States.  Their market area is the United States, Pacific Rim, Mexico, and Central America.  Jim and his wife Sandra Bailey Cook are both converts to the LDS church.  Neither attended BYU, but both actively serve in various capacities at the university.  They are currently members of the Presidents Leadership Council, serve on the College Volunteer Leadership Council for BYU Broadcasting and the Law and Religion Symposium.  However their biggest time commitment to BYU is serving as co-chairs of the Knight Society, a society for deferred giving.  Jim lives in Lodi, California, where he has served as a Bishop and for ten years as Lodi Stake President.

Jim spoke to an audience of approximately 45 business leaders and professionals.  He started with a brief introduction of himself and his family.  He attributed any success he achieved to ordinary and common sense rules.  The motto:  “to do common things uncommonly well” motivated his remarks.  He shared six lessons.  First, decide what you want, pay the price, and reap the reward.  Second, decide what defines you.  Third, turn mistakes and failures into true learning experiences.  Fourth, understand that you cannot fix everything, but you can share the challenges and suffering of others.  Fifth, be truly faithful in keeping the commandments to reap the most exquisite blessings.  Sixth, view life through the lens of gratitude.  Jim’s thoughts were both moving and heartfelt.  An excellent Spirit was felt.

At the conclusion of his remarks, Jim spent a few minutes encouraging support for Brigham Young University.  According to Jim, BYU can do things the Church cannot do, such as:  sending dance groups to China, sponsoring law and religion symposiums, and operating BYU-TV, all of which reach beyond the Church’s current opportunity to influence.  Jim also encouraged us to consider the BYU Knight Society and learn more at


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