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Business and Religious Freedom

In keeping with our vision of "Growing Moral and Ethical Leadership," the BYU Management Society espouses the idea that businesses have responsibilities to a wider range of stakeholders in society than just their shareholders, and are powerful agents for change in their communities. Many businesses do so by adopting programs that include the advancement and protection of various human rights, including the right to religious freedom.

                                                        Elder L. Tom Perry, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles                     Brian J. Grim
                               10 September 2013                                                 President of Religious Freedom & Business Foundation

TEDxViadellaCounciliazione, April 26th 2013


Elder Ronald A. Rasband, "Religious Freedom and Fairness For All" 15 September 2015

"Religious freedom all over the world is...under attack. It is important for [all of us] to become well educated on this and assume responsibility for ensuring that it is passed on to future generations.... My challenge is that you join with people of all faiths who feel accountable to God in defending religious freedom so it can be a beacon for morality.... Be an active participant, not a silent observer." — Quentin L. Cook, BYU-Idaho Commencement Address, December 16, 2011

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